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Meditation on Twin Hearts

What is Meditation on Twin Hearts?

This is a 21-minute guided meditation aimed for peace and illumination as a service to the world by blessing the entire earth with harmony, peace and loving-kindness. It is a simple yet powerful meditation introduced by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui for achieving cosmic consciousness or what we often call "illumination." Meditation on Twin Hearts is practiced by millions of people worldwide.

What are the Benefits of Meditation on Twin Hearts?

This meditation helps with reducing stress and anxiety, bringing more peace, and increasing joy and happiness. As we practice this meditation regularly, it has a compounding effect that helps bring more energy and balance to our lives. It recharges the body and helps improve health.

Meditation on Twin Hearts is one of the cornerstones of Master Choa’s Pranic Healing work. The meditation opens up the heart (the emotional heart) and crown (the spiritual heart) energy centers enabling to draw down a great amount of divine energy producing prana (energy).  This meditation has been researched to help reduce stress and induce a state of inner peace as well as calm the central nervous system. Meditation on Twin Hearts helps with physical health, emotional health, mental health and inner illumination. 

What does Research show?

EEG studies have been conducted to show benefits of Meditation on Twin Hearts on the brain. Learn more on the study at Pranic Healing Research Institute's website.

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