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Register for both Basic Pranic Healing (Level-1) and Advanced Pranic Healing (Level-2) Workshop(s)


In Basic Pranic Healing you will learn and practice subtle energetic techniques.

  • Sense (feel), see and understand subtle energies.

  • Scan with your hands to assess energetic causes of pain & disease.

  • Learn the 11 Major Chakras and the corresponding organs.

  • Discover aura cleansing for lasting health and healing.

  • Practice with simple steps to remove old, stagnant energies.

  • Revitalize the chakras and organs.

  • Cut draining cords, to quickly let go of stress.

  • Learn energy first-aid for cuts, bruises, burns, & sprains.

  • Energetic hygiene to remain disease-free & feel good.

  • Practice Meditation on Twin Hearts.

  • Learn Self-Pranic Healing & Distant Pranic Healing to heal remotely.

  • Practice Pranic Breathing to recharge yourself.


In Advanced Pranic Healing you will learn:

  • How to use color prana for healing safely and powerfully
  • Learn quicker & more effective healing results
  • Advanced scanning – interpreting & assessing of affected area and energy field
  • Rapid wound healing, cellular regeneration, cleansing of the internal organs, cleansing of the blood and boosting the immune system
  • High level techniques for cancer, stroke, diabetes, AIDS and other severe ailments.
  • And much more…

Combo: Basic + Advance Pranic Healing in VA


    • $850 Early Bird (Ends May 7th)
    • Basic + Advanced: 875

    Note: Use coupon code COMBO for $25 discount

  • Basic Pranic Healing:
    May 13, 2023  9:00 am - May 14, 2023  5:00 pm

    Advanced Pranic Healing:

    To Be Announced


    Venue: Address to the emailed after regiatration.

    City of event: Manassas, Virginia

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